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Leading Manufacturers of Piston Rings, Plates and Castings in India

ANAND I-Power Limited is the leading manufacturer and preferred supplier of Piston Rings in the country and also manufactures Plates and Piston Ring Castings. Established in 1976, we supply Automotive Piston Rings to leading Original Equipment manufacturers as well as the replacement market.

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  • Notice for 54th Annual General Meeting of ANAND I-Power Limited, to be held in Nasik on Sep 07, 2017
  • Notice for Annual General Meeting of ANAND I-Power Limited, Businees Standard, Aug 14, 2017
  • Notice for 53rd Annual General Meeting of ANAND I-Power Limited, to be held in Nasik on Sep 19, 2016

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Industry Leader for Automotive Solutions in India

Provider of the widest range of solutions to the Indian Automotive Industry, ANAND is among India's leading manufacturers of Automotive Systems and Components making it the country’s leading OEM supplier. ANAND has a major presence in the Indian Aftermarket as well, with some of its major brands being Market Leaders. The group supplies to every major vehicle and engine manufacturer in the country.

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Perfect circle

ANAND I-Power Limited at the forefront of Innovation

ANAND I-Power Limited has been consistently leading innovation in Piston Ring manufacturing over the years and more recently in Plates and Castings. We have been responsible for a number of new product introductions in the country including Moly Plasma Inlaid, PVD coating and Chrome scrapper ring.

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